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Assorted Brownies

24 pieces individually pillow-packed assorted brownies and blondies in a box.

Each box consist of 8 pieces Cashew Topped Brownies, 8 pieces Butterscotch Blondie and 8 pieces Choco Marble.


Cashew Topped Brownies

24 pieces individually pillow-packed Cashew Topped Brownies in a box.

Brookies Delight

100 grams of delightful Brownie Chips in a box. Perfect for your morning coffee or milk and even for your afternoon ice cream snack. Sealed tightly in a foil pouch to ensure product freshness and quality.

Toasted Mamonettes

85 grams of Toasted Cake perfect as a light snack on a relaxing afternoon over a tea or coffee.

Mamera Coin Cookies

250g of delicious concoction of favorite Filipino Cookies (Puto Seko and Uraro). Perfect match for your hot coffee or tea. Great for pasalubong Domestic and Abroad.

Crinkles (Soft Milky Cookies)

120g of milk coated soft chocolate cookies. Perfect companion for uplifting your day’s mood. Great for snack sharing with your family and friends.

Brownie Pack

8 pieces individually packed Cashew Topped Brownies perfect as your travel buddy or office companion. Grab a piece whenever or wherever you need that extra energy of delight.

Brownie Solo

27 pieces of individually packed Cashew Topped Brownies that is highly recommended for those who are looking for additional income. Perfect for retail selling per piece.


Brookies Delight

“Simply irresistible!”

“Crisp and a whole new take to brownies and blondies!” 

This is one of the best description we constantly hear about our Brookies Delight. Conceptualized out of the need to provide our customers a lighter variety of the staple favorite without losing any of its best tasting characteristics. Always best enjoyed with hot coffee, milk or ice cream. 


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