Giving you the home baked experience in every bite of our product selections. From chewy chocolate brownies to luscious blondies and crunchy baked  chips.

Cashew Topped Brownie

Cashew Topped Brownie

Chocolate goodness with chewiness on every bite. Sprinkled with generous amount of roasted cashew nuts for that extra crunch.

Choco Marble

Choco Marble

A mouth-watering treat with the combined chocolate and butter-rich goodness. Made even better by the nutty taste of high grade walnuts.

Butterscotch Blondie

Butterscotch Blondie

Delightfully butter-rich experience with sweetness to satisfy your sweet-tooth craving. Made even special by the nutty taste of high grade walnuts.

Cream Cheese Brownie

A creamy twist to our signature brownie made possible by a rich blend of cream cheese.

Coffee  Blondie

Exquisite concoction of butter-rich taste and bitter-sweet flavor of coffee in every bite.

Brookies Delight

Crunchy and mouth-watering treat, perfect for morning coffee or milk. A whole new take to the brownies loved by many.

Cashew Topped Brownie Individual Pack

Brownie Solo

Cashew Topped Brownie packed individually, perfect for retail selling and additional source of income.

Cashew Topped Brownies Individual Pack x8

Brownie Pack

8 individually packed Cashew Topped Brownies designed for people on the go. Bring it anywhere, anytime.

What's new?

New look, greater quality


Offering you the latest and biggest change in your favorite Chewy Brownies and Brownie Chips.

  • Improved packaging that ensures product quality.
  • Better product design, more appealing and pleasing to the eyes
  • More handy and travel friendly, can be easily transported without affecting product appearance.

Toasted Mamonettes

Our latest product offering that is not only crisp and sweet but also delightfully fulfilling. Available in two variants:

  • Toasted Mamonettes Orignal Flavor
  • Toasted Mamonettes with Calamansi 

Buy now at our Factory outlet and soon at selected Pasalubong Shops.